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petriWhat is she holding on to?
February 26th, 2009 by petri

muumiThe Amazing Lyrebird of Australia
February 26th, 2009 by muumi

Can’t remember if this has been posted before… a true classic.

yaroLip-synched performance
February 26th, 2009 by yaro

muumiUnusual suspect
February 26th, 2009 by muumi

Daily show has the scoop on who Obama REALLY is!

(sorry for the lack of embedded video, but their embed code didn’t work for me at least)

htimoPlaymobil Kalevala
February 25th, 2009 by htimo

Brick Testament, witness the rise of (Spanish?!) Kalevala Playmobil.

“Väinämöinen pasaba sus días en los bosques de Kalevala cantando hermosas canciones y desplegando su saber.”

See Playfomobil Especiales.

ivyJa tän sukupolven pitäis sit maksaa meidän eläkkeet
February 25th, 2009 by ivy

petriPoodle Exercise
February 25th, 2009 by petri

jenniTempting, but I’ll pass
February 25th, 2009 by Jenson

nirsoYes We Can
February 25th, 2009 by nirzo

htimoMy little Darth Vader
February 24th, 2009 by htimo

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