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January 5th, 2009 by wili

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adminFull Q1-Q3 2008 Results
October 20th, 2008 by admin

Best post

Rank Post Author Score
1 Overdubbed jugi 48
2 Nopeille! eetu 28
3 Diesel XXX-rated Jenson 21
4 NMT-GSM htimo 17
5 The Song of the Count wili 16
6 Free Billy! jasin 16
7 Edu feat. Stig Dogg jasin 15
8 Making the city work together samuli 15
9 Can you say that in a movie poster… ? haggis 14
10 MUTO wili 14
11 Banksta rap htimo 13
12 It’s like that janne 13
13 How to treat a lady - lesson 1 Sampo 13
14 Hitler’s take on OpenGL 3.0 petri 12
15 Lost in Translation eetu 12
16 Pie eetu 9
17 Sateenvarjo Sampo 7
18 Smooth Criminal seal style annarosa 7
19 Braille Superstore samuli 7
20 Oh, the irony. petri 6
21 Transu jussi 6
22 good luck in the future! kesseli 5
23 Säteilyturvakeskus vastaa muumi 5
24 Usavich eetu 5
25 Horse drifting from Slovenia annarosa 5
26 SpaceSpede jugi 5
27 Polish calendar jussi 4
28 Pensiää ryyni-wettä htimo 3
29 Nvision wili 3
30 Russia fights population loss htimo 3
31 The tattoo says it all muumi 3
32 They eat LARD samuli 3
33 Are you gay? muumi 3
34 Kirk sydän Spock jasin 3
35 Näin hakkaaja toimii muumi 3
36 Finnrish of the day jussi 3
37 After the gala Sampo 3
38 Classifieds ivy 3
39 Miehistä apua jugi 2
40 Formula-1 fact files exposed panu 2
41 Truly tasteless costumes wili 2
42 The going price for anime wanker statues is… muumi 2
43 Top Gun according to Tarantino wili 2
44 Royal Dutch Airlines presents janne 1
45 Antin näkemys muumi 1
46 BoHeman Rhapsody petri 1
47 This is a Unix system! I know this! wili 1
48 Kissing with Ross jasin 1
49 Ho Made Sandwiches annarosa 1
50 Traumatic country living eetu 1
51 Arrested man looks like Beavis muumi 1
52 Evolution jussi 1

Best Author

Author Score
jugi 55
eetu 55
wili 38
htimo 36
jasin 35
samuli 25
Sampo 23
Jenson 21
petri 19
muumi 18
jussi 14
janne 14
haggis 14
annarosa 13
kesseli 5
ivy 3
panu 2

Best Homebrew

Rank Post Author Score
1 Ho Made Sandwiches annarosa 6
2 Lait on vai laiton? meri 3
3 Kysyn vaan! meri 3
4 Nvision wili 3
5 Tattoo Jenson 2
6 Mutsis on meri 2
7 Only available water at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport janne 1
8 Where the streets have cool names wili 1
9 Top-level domains janne 1
10 Kukas se Kai sitten on muumi 1
11 next gen Kill Bill meri 1
12 Artist Straightener wili 1

Best Homebrew

Author Score
meri 9
annarosa 6
wili 5
Jenson 2
janne 2
muumi 1

Onnea voittajille!

adminSlides for Critical Strategy Meeting 2008 (aka Saasta Gala)
October 20th, 2008 by admin

Saasta Gala Slides 2008 [pdf]

zacuSlip of a tongue
October 18th, 2008 by zacu

Pick one for president
adminVOTE OR DIE!!!
October 14th, 2008 by admin

The sh*t is going down NOW! It’s time to vote for the best saasta of 2008 (from Jan 1st to Oct 17th). Votes are accepted until Friday 17 October 23:59, so do not hesitate to use your constitutional right and vote ASAP!


  • Choose your Top 5 posts of 2008 (from the Q1-Q3/2008 timeframe). The list below contains all posts with 7 or more faves, for your convenience.
  • Note, however, that you can vote for any post regardless of whether or not it’s on the list, as long as it’s been posted this year.
  • If you wish to promote your personal favorite that isn’t on the list, add a comment to this announcement with a link to your personal favorite.
  • Pick your favorite homebrew of 2008. Homebrew archives here.
  • Format your vote (see below) and e-mail it to

Vote e-mail format:

The body of your vote e-mail should look like this (replacing the links with your favorite posts):


The Top 5 entries are your favorite normal posts and the homebrew entry at the bottom is your pick from the homebrew category. Credit for the homebrew saasta goes to the creator of a given piece, not the one who posted it.

Keep in mind that Von Mack WILL NOT TOLERATE people unable to meet deadlines. So VOTE BEFORE FRIDAY 23:59 or suffer the consequences!

Most faved posts of 2008:

Rank Post Faves
1. It’s like that 13
2. Overdubbed 12
3. How to treat a lady - lesson 1 9
4. Braille Superstore 9
5. Free Billy! 9
6. MUTO 9
7. Nopeille! 8
8. Smooth Criminal seal style 8
9. Finnrish of the day 8
10. Making the city work together 8
11. NMT-GSM 8
12. Horse drifting from Slovenia 8
13. Transu 8
14. Banksta rap 8
15. SpaceSpede 7
16. Classifieds 7
17. Can you say that in a movie poster 7
18. Pie 7
19. Oh, the irony. 7
20. Traumatic country living 7
21. Lost in Translation 7
adminCritical Strategy Meeting
September 17th, 2008 by admin

As some of you may already know, our 친애하는 지도자, Mr. Jong-ILL has been facing minor health issues in the past few weeks.  Although things are certainly looking better, we must nonetheless prepare ourselves for the eventual shift in the geopolitical landscape.

The overseer of Propaganda and Agitation Department, Mr. Kim, has been a demanding leader.  Together with our supreme commander Feldmarschall August Von Mackensen, Mr. Kim has taken us on a path to unprecedented economic results.  His execution and strategic capability have been unmatched by any modern leader.

Let’s all sit down for a review of the Jong-ILL administration and take close look at our present and future challenges.

You’re all invited to Saasta’s Critical Strategy Meeting (CSM) on October 18, 2008. This day conveniently marks the anniversary of the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the  Battle of Dyrrhachium, giving us an honorable excuse for celebrating our success until the wee hours.

adminNew features and improvements
August 21st, 2008 by admin

Nice to be back on the mike again..

My minions have been hard at work to improve the site.  Here’s a quick rundown of the changes we’ve accomplished during the past few busy weeks.

We added so-called “share buttons”.  Single post view (e.g. now sports this fancy bar:

For those true Web 2.0 fanatics out there, use the links to share Saasta in your network.

We’ve also done several UI tweaks.  Post headers look nicer, RSS feeds are more visible, etc.  Other fixes include a recent faves list that actually works, improved consistentency in navigation and better titles.

Not that our improvements would be limited to only UI tweaks. We also put our minds together with the masters of Mountain View to improve the way our site is indexed.  This should give you more relevant searches when you use Google to search for your favorite Saasta content.

Lastly, to help our users keep up to date with all these new features, we went and added a Help page that contains links to various articles explaining our unique features and how they add value to your Saasta Experience.

Please let us know if something has broken, you disagree with our changes or you think you have an idea for the Next Big Feature that Saasta must implement.  As always, use our anonymous Suggestion Box to send us your valuable feedback.


adminWordPress upgraded to version 2.6
July 26th, 2008 by admin

We’ve just upgraded Saasta’s WordPress to version 2.6. Please let us know if something got broken by the upgrade.


adminSuomen kieli / Use of the Finnish language
June 25th, 2008 by admin

Makkonen tässä hei,

muistuttaisin teille postaajille, että jos postauksesi vaatii lukijalta suomen kielen taitoa, on aivan ok kirjoittaa koko postaus suomeksi. Tietty jos tuntuu siltä, että englanniksi homma onnistuu nasevammin, niin mikäs siinä.

Rules of Conductista quotattua:

Suomen kieltä ei täydy nöyristellä. Postauksen alussa ei tarvitse pyydellä englanniksi anteeksi sitä, että postauksesi, sen otsikko tai tagit ovat suomeksi. Kyllä suomea osaamattomat tajuavat ilmankin, että postaus ei heille aukea.

adminSaasta Survey #1 - Galas
June 22nd, 2008 by admin